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Friday, May 10, 2013

Superwash Wool Baby Set

I liked the pattern that I got , is the Almost Instant Baby Cardigan.  It calls for Malabrigo Rasta, I decided to follow the LYS Owner suggestion and go with Superwash wool. I did not like the way the cardigan looks after I blocked it.  The picture above is unblocked.  Once this cardigan was wet, it kind of got very crazy, is all I can say.  No problems because I have yarn left and I will be crocheting an edge and border around the neck .  It needs it, it looks too sleazy, well you know loose.  A crochet border will make this cardigan have a bit more form and will make it a bit more sturdy.  I will also make a crochet border on the sleeves.  The Cable Cast on , looks fantastic, I am not messing around with that lol.

I wonder what will happen if I make it in cotton?  Definitely a crochet edge to hide the ends.  One thing I did was to get the rest of the yarn wet like the project.  Why?  Because it will have the same texture as the already blocked yarn.  This particular Superwash bulky yarn, from Cascade, when it is wet, looses it's form.  Not really criticizing it, just stating a fact.  I hope you have a great weekend and I will have more to post later during the weekend and is not fiber related..  Thanks for stopping by.