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Once in a while it is nice or necessary  to make something quick, glitzy and fun for oneself. Today was a fantastic day to make myself a nice Amulet for my ankle. It actually brightened my day a lot after I was taking pictures with it. The pattern is for a necklace or an arm cord.  The pattern is mainly concentrated on making very long cords,  for the neck and such.  I wanted the experience and sure enough I learn a thing or two with this pattern. I definitely enjoyed making this piece of Jewelry, it took me less than one hour.
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The pattern is called Ribband by Nelkin Designs , Laura Nelkin from , pay them a visit if you like.  They have kits full of glitz and more fun.  Manly enough for the man in your life.  So as you can see your imagination is the creator of your piece of jewelry.  I picked this specific clasp because it was the most plain clasp I found and it look like a man will be comfortable wearing, but enough beads to not get lost in the dark. Thanks for stopping by!
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