Sunday, March 24, 2013

Brethren by Millard Fontenot

GreenBrethren (1)
The Brethren is a significant step in my life.  Some people think of knitting as making wonderful hand made items that look like they were made by a machine.  On the contrary my dears, a hand made item has the essence of the hand crafter,  It is perfect in it's imperfection. Practice makes perfect, but don't let that phrase scare you, but motivate you to make more than one.  I have been making socks for a while, most of the time afraid of making them, because socks become lost in thought some times.  Second sock syndrome is one of those fatal syndromes that take some of us by surprise.
 GreenBrethren (12)
I have to tell you that making this sock was a great experience.  I read the pattern and took into consideration the cables, the yarn and my personal gauge and decided to make the sock.  I figure that if it was tight, I could fine someone to gift it too, but I was pretty sure that It was going to be a good fit. Mr. Fontenot dislikes to start a Round or Row with a Purl stitch, a man that makes my heart sing as a designer goes.  This facts assured me that I would not have to deal with the same issue of purlin on the first stitch.  What happens is that he designed the pattern to dance a bit with the stitches and thus keeping the first stitches as knit and thus my heart kept signing.
 GreenBrethren (11)
This yarn is this green, as you see the green on my patio.  I have to say that I am getting to be a better photographer as time goes by.  A better photographer means taking the picture when the right timing is there, lol.  No kidding,  as I will tell you that the golden hour, is the best time to take a picture.  The golden hour is the hour right before the official  Sunset.  I was reminded of that hour by my good friend Kyle Kunecke , a good photographer himself.  I will also have to give credit to Mister  Franklin Habit, my Fiber Photographer teacher ,as he gave me some fantastic insights into photography for the fiber artist.  I want to thank you for allowing me into your space and thank you for stopping by!

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