Suri Alpaca Handspun yarn

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What can I tell you about my experience with this fiber.  Suri Alpaca is almost like angora bunnies, but a bit different.  Suri alpaca is very soft to spin and has a very long staple.  It is easy to draft and it can take a lot of twist.  This fiber must have been dosed with a bit of logwood as I noticed that my hands had a bit of purplish hue, not a big deal, just not expected.  I was able to make two ply yarn of about 260 yards.  There is about 4oz of yarn here, but I won't really know until I weight the dry product.  I have not determined the WPI either, but not to worry, it will be in my next post.  Hope you are having a great spring and for those of you who live in the Southern Hemisphere, hope you are having a great Autumn. Thanks for stopping by!

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