Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brethren Socks

Tauron BrethrenSocks (2) 
So here we are at the end of a pair of socks.  I found the pattern amazing and easy to follow.  What I like about this pattern is that the heel does not have the usual eye of Partridge style.  The heel flap has cables  (as shown below) and they feel comfortable when you have them on.  I am making myself two more pairs, but I am at one pair of socks a month self imposed sock club lol.  I did a two strand heel and the toe section.  I was very aware that it would change my gauge and I ended up having to modify the pattern a bit.  I had to skip some plain knit rows in order to have my sock with the right length.  This is a cabled sock and taking that into consideration, you need to be aware of how tight you knit, because you may not e able to wear your tight socks, nevertheless you can gift them to someone else.
 Tauron BrethrenSocks (1) 
Speaking about other people.  Lots of onlookers are amazed at the wonders of sock making and ask me if I make socks for people.  It is a labor of love, because a pair of hand knit socks is really priceless. If you wonder which color of green this is, the photo below is the closes to the real color. The yarn is wollemeise wolle (superwash) colorway Mistelzweig.  The first photo was taken at night and with the help of some filtering I got a nice lettuce green on them.  My next two pairs are going to be purple, yellow and perhaps a third pair in blue.  I bid you well and hope you have a wonderful Spring and  a Happy Autumn to those on the Southern Hemisphere.  Thanks for standing by!

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