Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CoBasi by HiKoo

There is a new yarn in town and rumors have it that is a non wool yarn.  May I present you CoBaSi by HiKoo, Shown in colors 070(Bright Orange), 002 (Black)  55% Cotton, 16% Bamboo, 8% Silk, 21% Nylon. 50gms ,220 yds.  It is a 6 ply yarn, consisting of  3 sets of two ply yarns. It has a Right Twist plying, and even though it could use more twist, in my opinion, I accept it as is. The yarn is very light and crocheting with it is a breeze, specially if you are using one of those Addi hooks with the stainless steel tips.  

CoBasi 002 and 070
What  I like about CoBaSi :

  1. The texture of the yarn, is like a little cord, has a feeling of mercerized cotton.
  2. It stretches , but is not like elastic.
  3. It has a low sheen.
  4. It skeins easily and is not slippery.
  5. It is 50 grams and 220 yards.
What I did not like about CoBaSi:

I really have not found anything that I don't like about the yarn, yet it can use a bit more twist. 

To solve the twist problem I suggest you wind it in a clockwise direction. This clockwise winding  will add twist to your yarn , making it better to handle.  If you knit with it, you may have to switch to continental as throwing will most likely take the twist out of the yarn.  Nothing out of this world, we have dealt with yarns like this before.  This in no way should make much of a difference in the quality of the yarn. What is that below?   It is the reverse side of a pattern that I am entering in a contest and since I can not really show you the pattern from the front, I can definitely show you the pattern from the back.  It is crochet and let me tell you that you will be amazed at the way this yarn looks and handles with this pattern. I am super happy with the results. More to come, thanks for stopping by!


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