Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wollmeise Yarn

If you google Wollemeise you will get lots of things wool, but this yarn is unlike anything out there. At 575 yards per skein you are definitely sure to get enough yarn for a pair of man socks. If you live in Europe it is easy to get, here is a bit more complicated, but not impossible, yet requires lots of patience and being fast.
Wollemeise BlueCuracao
The supply and demand for this yarn is insane. Beware, there are people on EBay that will scalp you for this yarns and charge you exorbitant amounts of money. How much? A skein of Wollmeisse goes for about $ 25, on Ebay the start bidding anywhere from 34 to $ 100. There is no need for that. You can get your stuff, is just nothing that you are going to need right away, because by the time that you get your online cart to pay for your purchases, you may have an empty cart. What? Yep I had 5 items and ended with just one, the Blue Curacao. Wollmeisebag1
The yarn comes in this fancy bags. Is like you have this special package and you really feel special. You get a wool wash for your yarn and the yarn is really out of this world.WollemeiseWSSemiSolidBlau (1)
The yarn above and the 3 yarns below are easier to get, because they are misfits. They are called WD we are different and the Blau is the Blues, light and not so light, the Kunterbunt was the Navy blue
and the cocoa brown
WollemeiseWSSemiSolidBlau (2)
If you get to the website and have something in your cart that you really like, they say buy two. I would have definitely wanted to buy two, but still may use the two similar blues for a personal project , I should have gotten two lol.
Wollemeise KunterbuntWDSemiSolid (3)
The colors are fantastic and these are just the semi solid or pretty much solids.  Some of the most exquisite variegated yarns , is a real lottery to get, but I Will get some, it's just a matter of time.  In the meantime I am working on other projects, so I am quiet, but hope to bring you an update every week on the things I am doing. Oh there is a contest and a friend  who helps me test the patterns is helping me test the pattern.  I hope I win, and that everyone wins like last year, but that is a topic for another blog entry later this week.
Wollemeise KunterbuntWDSemiSolid (4)
Believe it or not this is one of my favorite yarns.  The quality of the yarn is impeccable, the availability is another storey, so like I said, buy two when you have the chance. Wollmeise is yarn that will grow on you and that you will learn to appreciate in your socks, your shawls, scarves and hats.  Let me tell you before I go, I saw some wonderful weaved projects with the variegated yarns from Wollemeise and they are out of this world,  I may have to roll a hard six on that one soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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