Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Fiber Cabinet or two

This cabinet has been used in many ways. At this time it houses bath mats. The shelves at the top are actually T.V. trays that lock in place, and it is a great way of storing some yarn , bags and have some privacy by putting it by the window.BedroomMakeover2012 (5)
This is the best configuration of the many permutations of how to store things in this cabine. By the way this is my 1,000 th post since I started blogging and what better way of celebration than with organizing my fiber. My Flip Loom fits, my wheel and all my loose fibe, plus some of my yarn on top . On top the yarn is inside those wicker baskets. The shelf on top and the other shelf are add ons from us.  I am able to store the binders with my circular needles and the green binder has lots of patterns. I am also able to sore the swift behind the binders. It looks fantastic and it is organizing my fiber in a very neat way.
Inside the drawers I am able to put away my other loom "Cricket" , needles, I can actually fit the Camera bag inside, and there is room for other backpacks. My partner Michael was very instrumental in getting this thing assembled and in shape.  Nothing says love  like puting furniture together and not filing for divorce lol. It gets testy, you get testy and in the end is just a piece of furniture.
Behind the Earthues dyeing kits in the wicker cube in the middle, I have my wool combs.  This is what I was dreaming about, a cabinet where I can put all my equipment away.
Once you close the doors, the place looks brighter and tidy.

BedroomMakeover2012 (4)
We got two matching nightstands at IKEA the model is "Birkeland". I want to thank all my followers and visitors. This is Crafty Andy's 1000th blog post, thanks for stopping by!
BedroomMakeover2012 (6)

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