Monday, June 25, 2012

Sun Satchel Felted Bag

SunSatchelWestKnits (4)
I like this bag a lot, it is the Sun Satchel by Stephen West. I came out a big bigger than the ontended bag, so I had to adjust some of the bag to make it more to my size. More than size, more friendly to carry things in it. I can tell you that I love the bag. I actually have two buttons so that it can expand a bit if I need to have a bigger bag. I have not added a third button, but it's a tought. SunSatchelWestKnits (3)
So this bag welcomes you to the Summer of 2012. What I definitely learned is that I will need to go down a needle size if I want  something to be exactly the size Stephen designed it.  I know that my Forge blanket was at least 65 inches without blocking and this bags is the second project that came about.  This bag is about 3 inches wider than it should have been, but I am happy with the end product.
SunSatchelWestKnits (2)
I think Stephen West is such a creative young designer. Meeting him in person, at "A Verb for Keeping Warm" in Oakland, CA, was a wonderful experience that alloweed me to chat with him. I joined his new KAL, which by the way , he was working on while he was there, lol. Thanks for stopping by!
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