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Kilthose and Lace-Garn

The Pattern is Kilravock, sounds like a Klingon Word and perhaps it is in some fashion. For a long time, I have been looking at making my Kilt hoses, not because they are cheaper to make, but because it makes me feel proud that I made my own kilt hoses. The pattern can use some better writing, but it is my preference and in no way changes the fact that it is a fantastic pattern. This is a pattern to make with some beautiful Woolmeise Twin yarn, I am thinking of the Silver gray, or the Safran, or even the Golden Pear. The greens are not bad either. At this time I am using Cascade Heritage in Moss green, to let the Celtic Heritage show. Being from Spanish Ancestry there is some Celtic there lol.

These days the wollemeise Store is having a sale at the brick and mortar store in Germany. I am so glad I am not there lol. I have to tell you , the quality of this yarn is amazing, the colors of course are out of this world. When I get the sock yarn I want , in the colorway I want, I …

The Akimbo by Westknits

This was an interesting project that I wanted to make for a long time. The Akimbo is an interesting project that will inspired you. I like the way it shapes and my gauge was loose enough that I ended up getting more yarn for the Main Color and blocking was simply steam blocking. In the end I enjoyed Stephen's Design and found it inspiring. I enjoyed taking the pictures a lot. Thanks for stopping by!

Wollemeise Overdye

So what's up with me and Overdyeing Wollemeise. Well I wanted a different green and I am not against blue, just did not have a project for the blue I got as a surprise.  This yarn has a wonderful smell to it, a friend of mine says is gummy bears , lol.  This yarn was a powder blue color, very light almost like baby blue.  I needed and wanted a green for my project with the blue you see peeking out. Wollemeise takes overye well, and should dry nicely.  What do you know two posts inn a week.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wollmeise Yarn

If you google Wollemeise you will get lots of things wool, but this yarn is unlike anything out there. At 575 yards per skein you are definitely sure to get enough yarn for a pair of man socks. If you live in Europe it is easy to get, here is a bit more complicated, but not impossible, yet requires lots of patience and being fast.

The supply and demand for this yarn is insane. Beware, there are people on EBay that will scalp you for this yarns and charge you exorbitant amounts of money. How much? A skein of Wollmeisse goes for about $ 25, on Ebay the start bidding anywhere from 34 to $ 100. There is no need for that. You can get your stuff, is just nothing that you are going to need right away, because by the time that you get your online cart to pay for your purchases, you may have an empty cart. What? Yep I had 5 items and ended with just one, the Blue Curacao.
The yarn comes in this fancy bags. Is like you have this special package and you really feel special. You get a …

CoBasi by HiKoo

There is a new yarn in town and rumors have it that is a non wool yarn.  May I present you CoBaSi by HiKoo, Shown in colors 070(Bright Orange), 002 (Black)55% Cotton, 16% Bamboo, 8% Silk, 21% Nylon. 50gms ,220 yds.  It is a 6 ply yarn, consisting of  3 sets of two ply yarns. It has a Right Twist plying, and even though it could use more twist, in my opinion, I accept it as is. The yarn is very light and crocheting with it is a breeze, specially if you are using one of those Addi hooks with the stainless steel tips.  

What  I like about CoBaSi :

The texture of the yarn, is like a little cord, has a feeling of mercerized cotton.It stretches , but is not like elastic.It has a low sheen.It skeins easily and is not slippery.It is 50 grams and 220 yards. What I did not like about CoBaSi:

I really have not found anything that I don't like about the yarn, yet it can use a bit more twist. 

To solve the twist problem I suggest you wind it in a clockwise direction. This clockwise winding  w…