Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kilthose and Lace-Garn

The Pattern is Kilravock, sounds like a Klingon Word and perhaps it is in some fashion. For a long time, I have been looking at making my Kilt hoses, not because they are cheaper to make, but because it makes me feel proud that I made my own kilt hoses. The pattern can use some better writing, but it is my preference and in no way changes the fact that it is a fantastic pattern. This is a pattern to make with some beautiful Woolmeise Twin yarn, I am thinking of the Silver gray, or the Safran, or even the Golden Pear. The greens are not bad either. At this time I am using Cascade Heritage in Moss green, to let the Celtic Heritage show. Being from Spanish Ancestry there is some Celtic there lol.
These days the wollemeise Store is having a sale at the brick and mortar store in Germany. I am so glad I am not there lol. I have to tell you , the quality of this yarn is amazing, the colors of course are out of this world. When I get the sock yarn I want , in the colorway I want, I will make another pair of Kilt Hose.  Below is a skein of Wollemeise Lace-Garn, which I guess translates to lace yarn, but don't quote me on that.  This was a gift from a friend, Kerry Shannon, which by the way gifted  the first Wollemeise skein  I ever had in my stash. Of course this yarn won't be this color for too long.  I will have to research which color I want to turn this skein into. There will be pictures, I promise.  Thanks for stopping by!

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