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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Kilt Hose Work in Progress

Here I am working on the project, I am hoping I get more work done today. I am hoping Sunday finds me with a completed sock and another started. I have ripped this baby three times.  When something is not working , no matter how hard it is, you need to let go and sometimes you need to restart.  I did the cuff twice.  I did the centered decreases twice, I just did not like the way they look.  That's called knitting.  Is not about perfection, it is about doing the best job possible.  This pattern presents a challenge.  It starts with 84 Stitches, I know for a fact that it is too big for my foot, but not for my calves.  Decreasing makes sense.  You decreases at the center of the heel flap, or what will become the heel flap .  You decrease ONE stitch every other Round, one side at a time, i.e. decrease one stitch left, knit a plain Round, decrease one stitch on the right of the middle point.  You have to take into consideration the stitch you are decreasing and the direction of the decrease, it will make the difference between a SSK or a K2tog or P2tog.
 LeftSockCenterBack (1)
I may have to knit an extra repetition, I don't know yet, I will try them on at 7 and see if they work. Right now I am at 5 repetitions of the cable pattern on Round 14 .I have a feeling I will have 8 diamonds, the last repetition maybe done on size 0 US or  2.0mm needles.LeftSockCable (2) 
I truly Like Dpns for this kind of work, but I do put them on circulars to try them on. Thanks for stopping by, the pattern is Kilravock. Thanks for stopping by!SocksWIPAug2012 (3)