Thursday, March 01, 2012

Triad and Gloves for the IPAD, Tablets

These are cards that are for playing the game  from the series.  I have not opened them yet, but I got some extra ones for a gift.  I am in a swap and I hope my swapper is not reading this, but it is a BSG Ravelry Group and these are Triad Playing Cards. If you are in the group you need to keep complete silence or I will have  the Centurions go and pay a visit to you. I want to learn it myself. The cards and the gloves I got them from one of my favorite online shops
The gloves are fantastic and you can use them to work on your phone or tablet while they are on.  Imagine when you are out in the cold and your phone rings.  Or you are home and is a bit cold and you want to use your tablet. This is fantastic, I got a pair for me and one for Michael.  I also got some stainless steel thread from another company to do something with my other gloves. Thanks for stopping by!

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