Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Design Bug

I enjoy designing patterns, but I work at my own pace.What does that really mean? It means I work as inspiration strikes me.  There are times when my  mind gets a designer's block and I need to work it mentally. I am not a designer for company deadlines as that cuts my inspiration like nothing.  Talking about inspiration, there is something coming out soon, it is my first published design by a by yarn company in Tapestry Crochet, but until it comes out it is a secret indeed. 

On another note I am hoping to have a new design for a hat for Malabrigo yarns, but that has to reveal itself to me .  I will have the idea and submit it to them, then we can chat a bit about it. In the meantime I will see what it is I want to do with the Arroyo Malabrigo yarns.  There is a local Yarn Store which I used to go often, It is the best store in the area, but I can tell you I am not visiting it for at least a year.  Yep they have upset me to the point that I don't care if they exist or not.  I will buy my yarn from other places, but you will not get my money until I get over my being upset with you.  More Over I believe I may buy back my patterns and get my samples back, but I rather go to another store which I think will appreciate my art more.  We shall see, at this time anger is talking and I don't really allow anger to color my actions. When I stop being upset I will really make a decision, but for now I am not stepping into that store.
Sometimes you get inspiration from the akashic records, believe it or not. It is said that the world of ideas is were all the ideas are and we grasp them as we tap into it.  I have been blessed with  two hat designs and a Teddy Bear to design in the next month or so.  Above is a hat that has charts and is a fun hat to make, to your surprise and mine is KNIT.  It is a  Fair Isle Hat with a folded brim, I am hoping to have the design within the month of March 2012.
Then you have the Teddy Bear which I am designing I have done the body and the legs , I am really liking the pattern a lot and it is what I wanted to do. 
Here above is the hat that I am working on Tapestry Crochet, it will be an amazing hat, but I will start on it next week, maybe Wednesday.  

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