Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Loot from Stitches West 2012

StitchesWestUnspunFiber2012 (1)
These were more of my loot from Stitches West 2012.  There were lots of beautiful yarns believe me, but I was not really inspired to get anything, because I have so much yarn in my opinion.  I do want to use my yarn to the point that I can say I need to buy yarn. I bought this fiber to make yarn to make Teddy bears, that will be handcrafted with my own pattern.  I am working on the pattern as we speak.

  StitchesWestUnspunFiber2012 (1)
As in humans if the fiber has a perfect color, believe me is dyed or over dyed to give it that perfect coloration that some people like.  All these fibers were great buys in my opinion, and soon I will take a Saturday to do some spinning on my wheel.
StitchesWestUnspunFiber2012 (3)
Finally, I got so spend some time with some of my Fiber Friends.  I got to see my Favorite people, like Antonio Gonzalez Arnao, the Owner  and founder of Malabrigo, met his beautiful wife Clara and had a chit chat with him about their new beautiful DK weight yarn, Arroyo!  I got to spend some time with Karin Skacel,  this Lady is amazing and so full of energy.  I tell you if you don't get energized by her, you must be dead .  Michele is another lady that works in the Skacel booth, she is a very talented gal.  On my rounds at Stitches I got to visit with the Other Michele from "Toot's Leblanc".  Michele Camacho  and her brother have a special place in my heart, they taught me how to sell my patterns, They have  one of my patterns for sale, Capello Di Lana. I was very happy to meet Drew Emborski "The Crochet Dude" in person, and had a fun chat.

The trip to Stitches West from San Francisco is a bit long, but no driving. I take the Local Light Rail, MUNI to the Civic Center, then Transfer into BART until you get to Millbrae.  At Millbrae you go up and cross the tracks to the CalTrain area taking the train toward San Jose-Gilroy, until you arrive to Mountain View Station.  The trip is fun and not boring at all, unless you make it everyday.  In Mountain View you cross the tracks until you get to the VTA area and take the train toward Winchester. You  conclude your trip when you arrive at the Great America Stop.  Every year this is a great venue to and just see what kind of fun stuff is there. A Verb  for Keeping Warm always having a great booth and so many artists and  great local people.

My Fiber Friends Chuck W., Kyle, John S., WonderMike, Stephen H. Tom B., Morgan , Carson, Nathan, Tim, Catherine, Betsy, Maia, Kristine, Peter F., Penny, Cay, Kris, and many others that I can not recall at this moment, but that I was very glad to say hi and enjoy some time with them as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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