Stitches West 2012

AnzulaFiberCorriedale (1) Stitches West 2012 is still going. I went through public transportation from San Francisco to Santa Clara, it is longer than driving, but fun. I was looking for things for my Survival Pod Partner in one of my groups. I was also looking for fiber to spin to make some yarn for new Teddy Bears. I am creating my own Pattern, because I want a Teddy Bear that Can Sit without problems and that has some shaping to the feet. I want to make it on the round and make it easy to be stuffed. I want it to have nice ears, but stay tuned, It is coming out in a few weeks.
 KiltedCraftyAndy (8)
This was my outfit today and it brought me a lot of compliments and questions about where I was from. A lot of people thought this was some ethnic wear. I told them I was from the old USA and that it is just how I dress. I don't mind calling people's attention, but you have to be prepared for any kinds of questions.
This is another fiber , natural that I want to spin to make a teed for my new Teddy Bears. metalyarnguide This is something I have not seen before and someone mentioned it to me, I got two , one for me and one for my swap partner. I want to see how it works and see if I like it more than the plastic one from clover. LoloBar
These balms are fantastic for your hands. This bar I got is whole body type. Plain Jane has no fragrance, I got one with a hint of Lavender. KnitifactsCotswold This is another fiber I want to make into a tweed with the one above. This is the first clippings from the baby lamb, the staple is shorter but should be soft.
KiltedCraftyAndy (9)
No when they asked me where I was from I did not say Endor, nor was I wearing the fiber like this,but I thought it would be fun to give you something to laugh. Thanks for stopping by!

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