Friday, February 17, 2012

Big Teddy with Overalls

BearinGray (6)

Big Teddy with Overalls by Barbara Prime is another Teddy Bear that found a home. I liked the pattern as it is easy to make it in the round.  Most of  the patterns so far have been modified from back and forth knitting  in some areas or all to being made in the round.  I do not understand why people do not make these patterns on the round, because even with dpns , on the round is really a breeze. Yet all the patterns are worth your time if you want to make Teddy Bears with different perspectives.

I like the way the ears come out here, but I still like Gregory Patrick's pattern better.  If you notice I made a different nose, which was my take on the nose.  I learned from the Gregory Patrick's videos how to make a nose , mouth and eyes, but I adapted it to my liking.  Thanks to him I feel very confident in making these embroidered eyes,nose and mouth.  Specially if you have little ones that can swallow removable parts.  Just another bear that found a home. The overalls will dress Benjamin, I did not use the overalls for this guy. Thanks for stopping by. OverallsforBaby (1)

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