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More Loot from Stitches West 2012

These were more of my loot from Stitches West 2012.  There were lots of beautiful yarns believe me, but I was not really inspired to get anything, because I have so much yarn in my opinion.  I do want to use my yarn to the point that I can say I need to buy yarn. I bought this fiber to make yarn to make Teddy bears, that will be handcrafted with my own pattern.  I am working on the pattern as we speak.

As in humans if the fiber has a perfect color, believe me is dyed or over dyed to give it that perfect coloration that some people like.  All these fibers were great buys in my opinion, and soon I will take a Saturday to do some spinning on my wheel.

Finally, I got so spend some time with some of my Fiber Friends.  I got to see my Favorite people, like Antonio Gonzalez Arnao, the Owner  and founder of Malabrigo, met his beautiful wife Clara and had a chit chat with him about their new beautiful DK weight yarn, Arroyo!  I got to spend some time with Karin Skacel,  this Lady is amazing a…

Stitches West 2012

Stitches West 2012 is still going. I went through public transportation from San Francisco to Santa Clara, it is longer than driving, but fun. I was looking for things for my Survival Pod Partner in one of my groups. I was also looking for fiber to spin to make some yarn for new Teddy Bears. I am creating my own Pattern, because I want a Teddy Bear that Can Sit without problems and that has some shaping to the feet. I want to make it on the round and make it easy to be stuffed. I want it to have nice ears, but stay tuned, It is coming out in a few weeks.

This was my outfit today and it brought me a lot of compliments and questions about where I was from. A lot of people thought this was some ethnic wear. I told them I was from the old USA and that it is just how I dress. I don't mind calling people's attention, but you have to be prepared for any kinds of questions.

This is another fiber , natural that I want to spin to make a teed for my new Teddy Bears. This is someth…

Big Teddy with Overalls

Big Teddy with Overalls by Barbara Prime is another Teddy Bear that found a home. I liked the pattern as it is easy to make it in the round.  Most of  the patterns so far have been modified from back and forth knitting  in some areas or all to being made in the round.  I do not understand why people do not make these patterns on the round, because even with dpns , on the round is really a breeze. Yet all the patterns are worth your time if you want to make Teddy Bears with different perspectives.

I like the way the ears come out here, but I still like Gregory Patrick's pattern better.  If you notice I made a different nose, which was my take on the nose.  I learned from the Gregory Patrick's videos how to make a nose , mouth and eyes, but I adapted it to my liking.  Thanks to him I feel very confident in making these embroidered eyes,nose and mouth.  Specially if you have little ones that can swallow removable parts.  Just another bear that found a home. The overalls will dre…

Gauge is Master

Sometimes people are very naive to put it mildly.  If you are a new Knitter or crocheter I can understand that you think that you can  use any kind of yarn for any project.  Guess what?  You are almost right.  Most of my patterns are made with a certain weight of yarn in mind.  That does not mean you can not use any other kind of yarn, or that you can  get away with just changing hook or needles in size, but if you do , make a swatch or ask me.  One of the best examples is the Equinox Cap done with Karabella Aurora 8.  This yarn is a worsted weight yarn that is different than  Lionbrand Fisherman's wool worsted weight. Karabella is very light , unique yarn , great to work with on a 3.75mm hook, while the Fisherman's Wool is almost impossible to work with on anything but 4.00 mm or above. 

Because all yarns are not created equal, you need to use the suggested yarn for a pattern  or do a swatch . I say make a swatch. Making a swatch will give you an idea of how the yarn will b…

Twin Fraternal bears for Charity

These are the same Pattern, but the yarn is a bit different. They are handspun yarns made on my wheel.  Mostly mohair , but lots of wool as well.  The pattern is from Gregory Patrick and you can find it on his Etsy Shop as a PDF pattern emailed to you.  It is called "The Bear that saved me" . It has a little story behind it, but needless to say , this guy is a warrior and created this pattern to share his talents.  It is a fast knit pattern, I made these two Bears in a matter two days each.  I made some modifications to it, but that is how I am when it comes to some patterns.   I am donating these Bears for a School Auction, to raise money for the school.  Thanks for stopping by!

A Bear in pieces

Is a Bear in pieces and it is the pattern from  Gregory Patrick.  The name is The Bear That saved Me , you can visit his Etsy Shop HEREand get one if you like. Is a PDF. SO far this has been one of the easiest Bear patterns I have seen out there. Simple and to the point and you get a Teddy Bear.  I say you can make this Bear in a couple of days. I am at the Face part and he has some great Tutorials as to how to do the embroidered nosed and eyes that are worth your time. Thanks for stopping by!

Handspun Habitat

The Habitat is a pattern by Jared Flood. The yarn is my handspun with pride. This year I will make things with my handspun , until there is very little left. This is a combination of two Batts , but the color combo came out very nice.

The pattern is fantastic and a great journey into Celtic knots. Cabling is not a challenge, but you do need to pay attention to what you are doing. The fact that is done with handspun and you can make the hat look good is a testament to the pattern , the knitter and the yarn spun. I say it was a fantastic triple play. Thanks for stopping by!

A Flinshire Hat from Bajor

Just a little joyful knitting . I am done with the Flintshire, which is the hat I am wearing on top. I am also making another hat with my homespun.  One of the things that I am learning when your homespun is not that even, or even when it is.  What did I learn?  I started the hat on US7 and as I moved along I went down in gauge, the crown was finished on US 4, and let me tell you, it fits like a glove. Thanks for stopping by!