The Winter hat secret is...

There is a Secret this Winter!  It is to be revealed soon, and it is a Hat, perhaps a scarf or two, maybe even a shawl and another hat as well.  The Lords of Kobol have been kind to me and flooded my imagination with plenty of inspiration for a creative endeavor in the taking. This Winter you will have More than one Crafty Andy hat to work on , that is a promise!Wintercrochethatsecret
The picture that you see is the wrong side of the hat and it is a very interesting hat in the making. I say stay tuned, as I reveal the gifts of Winter on Tapestry Crochet and  creative Crocheting.  Trully my inspiration, my followers and my friends, have influenced me for my patterns.  Thanks for your patronage,  and know that I am very grateful to all of you for the support.  I am a simple Artisan with one thing in mind, "Renew the Art of Crochet" .  Yes you may not call yourself an artisan, but once you have  made one of these hats, I you have become the apprentice on the road of becoming an Artisan of the Art of Crochet. May your Thanksgiving be Full of gratitute and joy, no matter what life conditions you have, there is always reason to celebrate something. Thanks for stopping by!

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