Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Knit or Crochet in Public

In Purto Rico a man Knitting in Public or Crocheting in Public is a wonderful sight.  People ask me if I am an Artisan, and I have to say YES!
KIPNove2011 (1)
Here In the picture above you find me knitting in public.  At the bottom you find me crocheting in public .  I had to hide the item I am crocheting as it is the new hat that will be coming out soon.  Tonight I went to Punto Reves again and what an experience.  I enjoyed the company of the creative people that surrounded me.  I  am so glad that I found this place and I will tell you that I would go every day if I could.  There is something wonderful happening here and I got so much inspiration.  Thanks to CUca and Merce for their hospitality and fantastic Coffee.  The coffee, the conversation, the sharing of ideas and techniques, it is really what Knitting and crocheting is about. Thanks for stopping by!

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