Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Punto Reves, Man knits Pink, reviews

Life is yours for the taking and there is so much to do and to see while on this plane.  I went to Punto Reves Yarn Shop in Altamira, and what an experience it is.  I am still glowing from the fun I had with the group. I learned to knit Left handed. What a hoot. I am making my niece a scarf on this wonderful yarn from Katia called Temis, is an acrylic,cotton,nylon blend, perfect for the tropics  and ver washable. This yarn is thick and thin and it is a lot of wfun to work with.  I recommend the yarn for lacy work with minimal knitting or crochet. This scarf is all in Knit Stitch on US 13.  I am hoping to visit the store again next week.  Their website is  .  If you are ever in Puerto Rico this is a must see. They have classes of lots of different crafts that are needle related. I was very impressed with the service , the friendliness and the vast knowledge of subjects in the arts that they have to share.CraftyAndySticksAndPink (2)
If you think this is the only project I have during my vacation you are mistaken.  I am working on a Tapestry Crochet Hat .  It will be a very funky Winter Hat, I hope people enjoy making it as much as I enjoy designing them.   Can't show you a picture yet, but I can tell you there is a Knit hat in the works as well.  It just struck me like a rain in the rainforrest.  Hope you are having a great November, I believe this has been the most fun time I have had in Puerto Rico, while visiting.  It is nice to sit and crochet or knit with fellow crafters.  Pina COlada por favor, stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by!
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