Sunday, November 13, 2011

Aibonito 2011

So today ,  I have been taken to the town of Aibonito.  This is my first real outing after arriving to the Island.  Toro de Piedra is a fantastic Restaurant, with a great view and great cuisine.  There will be more to come, but right now I am just posting for you to see where is Crafty Andy.  It is a balmy 74 degrees and I think is like 102.  It takes a while to get into the weather.
The Restaurant has a balconey with a view, a simple wine cellar and fantastic friendly staff.  The shimmer at the horizon is the ocean  or rather the Caribbean Sea.  We are in the Middle of the Sierra that divides the Island North and South. I had some Chicken brest, grilled with rice and beans. My sister had Chuletas Can Can, and my niece and her boyfriend had a beef churrasco. My great niece had some chicken strips, the child size.  We had a great time and the view was magnificent. Hope to share more of the journey with you as I get inspiration to creat a pattern or two.  Thanks for stopping by.

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