Friday, November 11, 2011

"Slipstream A Crochet Scarf"


Slipstream is a scarf pattern about color work and manipulation of stitches. I wanted to make a trendy scarf that had vertical and horizontal lines as options; With or without fringe, with or without a border. The subject is stripes vertical and horizontal. You have choices! Two Scarves 1 Pattern.      I am following mi intuition and following my heart when it comes to crochet.  I have a mission to bring crochet to a new level of fashion with color and textures that is wearable. This pattern has a video supplement to assist you in the making of the border for the Vertical Stripes Scarf  and weaving the ends in.

SlipstreamScarf (1)
I want to thank my friend “R. Buffalo, Jr." , for his suggestions , swatching and helping me with the proof reading of this pattern; Thanks to Naomi Balint for her Photographic Design Input and Michael for his devotion to me and helpful assistance.

Featured yarn:
Simplicity dk by HiKoo (Horizontal Stripes) 2 Skeins of each color.
Crochet Hook: 5.00 mm (US H) for DK

This HiKoo Simplicity is great because you can put it in your washer and dryer. I have done it, so I know it is true.  It takes 2 skeins of each color and it makes a long scarf. I would have made it about 6 stitches shorter, and blocking it would make it longer. The Horizontal stripes is constructed lengthwise, so the ease is not much, yet it will grow some in length.
SlipstreamScarf (8)

Featured yarn:

Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool Worsted MC 190 yards CC 150 yards (Vertical Stripes)
Crochet Hook: ; 6.50 mm (US K) for Worsted Weight
Lionbrand Fisherman's wool is one of the most flexible wools I have seen. great for projects like this one and it blocks like a dream. You can also use Cascade 220 superwash worsted weight and you will have a fun washable scarf.  Just one skein of each color and you have a deal. 
SlipstreamScarf (13)

There is more to come in the following weeks as I take some time to make new patterns, with HiKoo Simplicity and Cascade 220.  I am in the motions of making the Gryffindor Philosopher's Hat into a pattern, this will be coming out within this month if the muses stay with me.  There is a Winter hat coming as well, so stay tune.   Thanks for stopping by!

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