Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Mirror Universe

MirrorUniverseSet (9)
I have to say that I love Star Trek more than anything. The positive influence it has had on my life is very apparent to me.  I belong to a Ravelry Group that is is a Starfleet Corps of sorts and this mission was to create something to disguise us in the Mirror Universe while we looked for our Evil Twin. I thought that my evil Twin will not care to have the ends weaved on his hat, therefore the tail, I did weaved it in once I was back into my own Universe .In the picture below it gives me the impression of a Hirogen Hunter's head.

Hirogen adult males are quite large, standing above the average height of other known humanoid species. They also posses greater physical strength than most humanoids. Their sensory perception is acute, a feature that serves well as the Hirogen are an aggressive hunting species.

MirrorUniverseSet (6)
This actually was a very fast knit and I enjoyed coming up with a pattern to make a set. I will still in the making of scarf with this yarn and create a set, maybe for charity. Thanks to my Friend Tanya for the Yarn. In the end I weaved the tail, thanks for stopping by. The universe is in balance once more. From Starfleet Headquarters this is Crafty Andy!
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