Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mirror Universe Mittens A review of yarn

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Ironstone Yarns has a yarn called "FUN". Is it really fun? This is not a bad yarn if you have the right project for it. It is thin and thick and that is no problem. The thin and thick is done very evenly space that you can actually count on it and use it for your pattern. I decided to make my own pattern for these mitts and it work out fantastic. I did make a swatch to find how it was going to behave. My review of this yarn is good, it knits up very quickly and you can have a lot of potential projects with it. I say weaving is a good choice and knitting in big needles. I personally did not like to crochet with it. I have to say that it holds very nice, it is a great blend of silk and wool. I also think that you can make great projects with it if you have a second more even yarn to go along with it in your project. MirrorFingerless (2) 
This is  the Mirror Universe fingerless Mittens project and it was done with 85 grams, I will have a pattern some day, but for now I can say it works with this kind of yarn, no problems at all. I like the fact that I made these mitts in less that 3 hours, and that my friends is a very quick knit. I used 6.5 mm needles or 10.5 US. I can suggest that a scarf, a cowl , a nifty hand bag, and a hat are examples of projects to make with this yarn. I did not like to crochet with this yarn, it gets too dense and heavy. I will post a picture of the hat tomorrow . I am getting the designer bug, as these are patterns I am making on the go. Thanks for stopping by.
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