Almost done Qa'plaH'

I think that one of the most rewarding and frustrating features, of, is the fact that you can see how long you have spent in your projects. I say it is good, sometimes it actually gives me motivation to finish things up. Sometimes it gives me the conviction to frog them if  I need to.  I think is all good , because you can always restart or redo a project.  These socks I started in June 4, 2011, and I am really looking forward to finishing them today. This project is a free pattern and it is worth your time.  I would try the sock every two or three rounds, but I made sure that I was leaving enough play in the rounds.  A sock that is Fair Isle will be too tight to wear if you are not careful. At any rate, I am glad I am ending this project , so that I can start my Portuguese Style socks later on. I am looking forward to starting socks using the Andrea Wong method.  Thanks for stopping by!

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