Wednesday, September 07, 2011

MFKR 2011 Skacel

On the Second Day, a Friday, we went to the Skacel Company to do our tour.  The Staff at Skacel  are always happy to see us.  The Staff at Skacel and it's Owner , Karin Skacel, have been very kind to us, very giving and always happy to help us learn or challenge ourselves. I look forward to seeing Karin every year and this year we did  something that I don't think ever happened before, lots of guys had kilts  and sarongs while visiting. It was a fun venue that is for sure.

The visit also coincided with the challenge from Skacel to the MFKR to submit patterns for men. There was a winner and all the patterns were accepted as well.  The above booklet with the Chartreuse Ensemble is filled with MFKR Patterns, so the men submitted their patterns and Skacel listened to what men want in patterns, mainly because we are making the patterns, just a point of view that is different from other, nothing out of this world, but fantastic for the guys and Skacel.  AT the retreat there where at least 10 to 15 patterns made by the guys that Skacel liked, in fact they liked all the patterns.  We shall have a booklet of MFKR patterns for distribution . Men creating patterns for men, the Worlds of Men are changing, beware of the sleeping giants.
SkacelStudio (1)
When I was in the Military in 1980 I lived in Tacoma for about 6 months.  This is the Skacel Art Studio, where as you see below, we got into Art Felting. It was fun and very interesting. I say I enjoyed the learning experience and some of the guys did beautiful samplers.
SkacelStudio (2)

I  created the below Art felt object. It is a glass case and I will have to sew it and make it more like in the picture. I got some interesting silk leaves in the mix , I learned what to do and not to do. I truly enjoy the experience and look forward to learning some more.

That night we had the Show and Tell where we get to show what we have been creating. I brought my Earth and Sky Shawl from WestKnits and there were 2 or 3 more from other guys that were very nicely done. I will have some pictures in my flickr, but I have to look through them to make sure I am not showing something that is going to be published and can not be posted. MFKR2011FlickrShowNTell (4)
This is the Bag I weaved and was part of my Show and Tell and Kilt and Sarong parade. I did not win the Show and Tell, but I don't really participate to win, just to share. I hope I gave you a view of what went on here on the second day, there were other classes and things going on, but suffice it to say, people were learning lots of fancy things.
MFKR2011FlickrShowNTell (5)
Before the Show and Tell there was a Kilt and Sarong Picture. Thanks for stopping by! MFKR2011KiltsSarongs (2)

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