Saturday, September 10, 2011

MFKR 2011 3rd and 4th day

Today which is Saturday is the day I teach the Portuguese Style Knitting class , using Andrea Wong's method.  This is the second time of me teaching this class. Everyone got it! I wish I had more time, but at least it gives them, the students ,  the basics  about PK and some information to challenge themselves later on.   On a previous post you saw the MFKR 2011 Portuguese Knitting Class video link here --->;  Crafty Andy: MFKR 2011 Portuguese Knitting Class    

As you can see by the picture below I was very happy to see one of my students going and practicing after the class. I actually saw more than one. I will say it was a success. Franklin Habit was among my students and I felt honored to have him attend the class. He is a very quick learner, Dolores was right by his side coaching him along while she was nursing a drink.

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Right after my class, a bit later after lunch we have the guy that makes Pocket Wheels give a demonstration, his name is Jon McCoy , and yes he is the real McCoy.  He is a very honest guy who tells you like it is.  This is not a whee for someone who is looking to make a lot of yarn, but rather a compact wheel, that travels well.  All made in America and with the option of a Woolee Winder.   John Wise and Keith Daniels here are posing by the magnificent wheel that has a cup / beer/ drink  holder.  You can get those online I have to ask John  where he got it from  so that I can share the link. I think if you google Spinning Wheel  Acrylic Cup Holder, I am sure you get it, he has an Etsy Shop I believe.
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Here is the Pocket wheel and all it's instruments of spinning fun. It is a very portable wheel , $200. down and at this time ELEVEN months waiting list.
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Later in the afternoon I took a class about short rows, which I am hoping to take again some other time.  The photo below is our last day and it was taken with my phone camera. It was a difficult day. We enjoyed each others company a lot and spinning , felting, crocheting or knitting with your friends is very nice. I really did not miss, TV, Facebook, radio at all. It is nice to enjoy the time you spend together with the guys.  Queer Joe's competition was Mark Ellis as he was the chatty one in the group.  Mark gave is a great conversationalist and very funny.  We missed some of the guys and they were asked about.  John , Kyle could not attend, but maybe next year. I consider this my personal vacation and being able to learn and teach is a fantastic experience. I hope you enjoyed my little tale about the Men 's Fall Knitting Retreat on the West Coast of our beautiful  U.S.A. , thanks for stopping by.
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