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Monday, September 12, 2011

Franklin Habit's Sahar

Sahar (30)
I am finally done with the Sahar Stole.  This pattern is by Franklin Habit. I enjoy doing lace and sometimes it becomes repetitive and that is fun. It is also something that you get use to it and then you become bored some times.  The Sahar Stole is a pattern that will teach  you about lace. You can see what wonder stitches like SSK and K2tog do on a stole like this one.  The selvedge is your friend and if you follow the instructions without fear, you will get an amazing stole.  I made this baby on US 4 , I committed to make it relaxed. I was happily surprised at the blocked size. is A bit over 88 inches length and 16 inches width.

Sahar (11)

I say this is a great lace project, it will teach you plenty and you get to graft the two pieces together. I used a sports weight Knit Picks overspun yarn. I can tell you that it was a fantastic choice. My stole does not have a bias. I figured that a lot of the torque from being overspun would dissipate in the Yarn overs and it did. That tells me that the Sahar Stole is a great Pattern for  hand spun yarn. Thanks to Franklin for this wonderful adventure in lace. Thanks for stopping by.