Tuesday, September 06, 2011

MFKR 2011 First Day

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The first day of the Retreat and we got the Introductions by everyone.  Guys from across the world came to visit and be a part of the MFKR 2011. Chinese Take out boxes ? Yes it is where we would put raffle tickets of the items we liked. We get 8 tickets and we get to put it in a box in front of something you like.  Everyone is ensured to have something cool. People started arriving early in the day and up to 6 PM .  I have to say that the kindness of our MFKR men to go and pick guys at the train stations, airports and such for free. I went to bed late, but I did not have any classes scheduled next day, just the Skacel Tour and the Skacel Art Felt, but that is for tomorrow.  I am so proud of the way we embraced the lambkins.  Lambkins is the name we give to the newcomers to the retreat.  They were nervous as we told them there were initiation rules and contests, but it is not true at all.  The MFKR is a place of Dignity and acceptance of all kinds of men. I will leave it up to your open mind to see without seeing.  We got our first ADA knitter and we were prepared for him, what a difference a place that is ADA ready does for a guy like Jeremy.  He was in a wheelchair and had an ADA Bathroom and Shower facilities.  Our first day is over and we stayed up way too late, but all will be up early in the morning to start the day with knitting, spinning, crochet and spinning. A total of 43 Guys!!!!  Thanks for stopping by.

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