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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Heel Flap for Risa

I am enjoying making this sock as I am learning more about socks in general.  Socks in Fair Isle are not the easiest thing in the world, yet they are.  The red is a Wollmeise Vamp , which is very rich and depending on the light you get more red or orange.  It is definitely very red. I decided to make the Heel in Red, it is easier on the eyes and I have plenty more Red than I have black. Given this is sock number one, sock number two will be a breeze. 
RisaAwaitsWIPHeelFLap (1)
I think one of the more tedious parts about socks is the fact of the monotony of the repetitive work.  I pace myself and have little goals for each day. The chart is 33 Rows, I aimed at making 11 Rows each day and maybe 17 if I am motivated.  The Heel flap I have done 10 rows at a time. I was searching for the formulae for the heel flap and it seems to be pretty much the same. For men is about 3 inches, but it is defined also as  half the stitches of the circumference.  I say at least half the stitches as the circumference, but for a man, between 2.5 to 3 inches is good. I am almost done with the heel flap and will start to turn the heel, which is in my opinion the most fun part of making a sock.  I doubled the yarn for the heel flap and the turn and will do so for the toe as well.  My toes will be red. Thanks for stopping by!
RisaAwaitsWIPHeelFLap (2)