A Fair Isle Socks is just not a sock

This Sock is an interesting example of something that shapes and reshapes itself as you wear it.  My friend Nigel suggested that I turn it inside out and do it in reverse, this would definitely make the floats better. I try the socks on every two or three rows, nothing like a pair of socks that does not go over the ankles.  I am planning to do a double strand on the heel and on the toe.  I have not decided whether it will be black or red.  This sock is being done with Cascade Heritage superwash merino and Wollmeise. I am loving every minute I am spending.  I am definitely learning a lot about this Fair Isle in Sock Fashion.  I have another pair of Socks that I am really wanting to make, they are green and black, Lizard Socks, but that is another story.  I am glad you stop by today to see the progress I made.  I had one of my patterns proofread by a friend and it's a go.  I will start to work on the Other New Pattern maybe Sunday or so.  Thanks for stopping by.

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