Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Risa Heel has turned

RisaAwaitsHeelturned (1)
I think this pattern is very easy for those that want to learn a simple, yet clever Fair Isle pattern.  As you see , I have decided to make the heel red and I will also make the tows red.  I have a lot more red than black. This is a sock that will last me for a long time.  I am hoping to make a pair of socks a month in my self imposed Sock club.  Some of my friends started that, we want to make socks with the yarn we purchased.  I think the economy has brought out the utilitarian spender on all of us.  I have always been that way, I don't like to have things sitting around that are just for decoration, unless of course is sock yarn, ha ha ha.  Thanks for stopping by!

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