Friday, April 29, 2011

Birthday Cakes 2011

BirthdayCakes2011 (2) by Crafty Andy
BirthdayCakes2011 (2), a photo by Crafty Andy on Flickr.
This is my first cake, then I made the second cake. I had a wonderful day full of greetings and salutations. Few gifts from the heart, no that gifts make much difference at this time in my life. I find gifts cute, but I find people wishing me a great day more valuable a gift. More to come of my WIP , but today is all about my 51 st Birthday, many more to come, may the Lords of Kobol bless my life forever.. I will be editing this to add my own cake, meaning the cake I made for myself, the one above is the one I was given which is a wonderful cake given by people who love me and made my day very special;.

BirthdayCakes2011 (5)

Of course I ate some of my own cake, the cake I always make for myself. It is a regular yellow cake with about a cup of organic cocoa, it has organic olive oil and free range eggs. Having the best ingredients possible is the best of gifts.
BirthdayCakes2011 (6)
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