Retro Caprican Sweater WIP

BSGKnitting (12) 
I am a child of the sixties and I am very glad that I was born at the time I was born.  This is the back of  a sweater that I am working on .  I found this cool Bernat Company from 1960 at 75  cents!  I think sweaters once you get to the right length that you desire, they are a  breeze to make.  I am definitely planning to make the two sleeves at the same time on a circular, lol.   I have to say that I enjoy blogging a lot, Facebook is something of a game place for me.   I  have a lot of Game friends that is for sure. So here I am with my Galactica outfit and giving you the sign of Peace.  I have loved my life and the time I have lived.  This brings me to the fact that Friday while Prince William and Kate are getting married, Kate Mulgrew, Yep the Captain Janeway you and I know, and your Crafty Andy will be celebrating our birthdays.  It is a very powerful day with a Stellion in Aries and the World is ready for the Change that is coming.  I need to continue for about two more inches for this sweater before I do the ribbing to finish the top of the back.  I hope to engage the front as soon as possible and have this sweater done by the end of May 2011. I hope you have a wonderful week and  I will definitely be making a posting on my birthday, Friday 29th.  Thanks for stopping by!

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