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Monday, May 02, 2011

May WIP Cardigan

I have picked up where I left and it is going well. I am working with Wool Ease, which is not one of my favorite yarns, yet it feels good. This is a Cardigan that I am aiming to finish this month. I am hoping to give it pockets, yes somehow I will make it possible to have pockets by cutting holes in it and knitting the pockets. I may also pick my loom and make pockets with the fabric in the loom, but it is most likely I will be knitting the pockets and I have to find a cool felted fabric to line the pockets with.  This is a gorgeous pattern and is well written. CapricanCardiWIP
I will tell you that being able to pick up a pattern after being sitting down for a while is amazing to me.  I think what is also amazing is to get motivated to continue, the pattern is exciting I can tell you that much.  So this is what I am working on today along with the Retro Caprican which is a mindless knitting.  One of the good things about having circular needles is that I will be making the two sleeves of both sweater and cardigan at the same time, making for as even as possible knitting and even as possible in length.  My commitement to de-stash is going on as scheduled.  I am hoping to have some natural dyeing for next month and have some instructional videos to share with you and my Ravelry Group. Thanks for stopping by!