Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weaving a bag WIP 2

This is my Knitting bag, I carry this bag around with my WIP, but is getting a make over with some of the weaving that I am doing.  Here you will notice I have the front and I created a side pocket where I can put a pattern or a book , I thought it was clever way of using the fabric without having to join the fabric.
WeavingBagWIP (1)
This that you see below is the side of the bag, this is side one as I am working on side two.  I joined the material with a single crochet , the bright orange material is a fantastic accent.  SO I am working on the other side.  I eventually will make more weaved material to cover the handles and will be able to line the bag as well.  Thanks for stopping by.
WeavingBagWIP (2)

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