Friday, January 28, 2011

Tapestry Weaving SF

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John S., Kyle and Crafty are taking a Tapestry Weaving Class at CCSF John Adams Campus. Our teacher D. Corsini is a wonderful an eclectic teacher and has a lot of fun teaching the guys and gals how to make art. We had a guest Visitor, John C. (Far on the left of picture) it was nice to be able to share with him and he was such a wonderful guy to sit with us through class. Kyle and I stayed until the end of class then walked to my home, then to Chilli Cha Cha, then to Kyle's Home.

It is so wonderful to have such talented friends and between the four of us so much crafting experience. We talk a lot about crafts don't we, and what we want to learn and accomplish. I think we are going to make it all happen, because we can. I am a lucky guy to have so many creative friends. There are more creative friends in my life, but not all of them taking the class. We do have homework for the next two weeks and I will be avle to share it with you.
HeaderPinkFillerWhite (1)
Another view of the weaving loom with the cotton warp. This is not as easy as we thought, it takes focus and lots of patience.
HeaderPinkFillerWhite (3)
Today we made the header which is the pink or dark weave and the filler which is the white weave, and of course we warped the loom. We discussed waves, vertical stripes, horizontal strips, passes, and spots. YOu will see my homework as it gets done. Thanks for stopping by.

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