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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Double Stranded Weaving

So what do you know about weaving?  All I know is that I know nothing.  I am playing along, playing around and having fun.  Here I have two colors  and I am working with them at the same time, twisting them as I return on the other movement of the shuttle.  In these pictures you will see the different ways I am playing with two strands of colors.
WeavingExperienceJan2011 (7)
On some of the rows the browns are double, then the orange, but that is using two strands as weft and utilizing  a single warp.  I alternated colors , then I didn't.  What I found is how much fun can weaving be when you are just making  cloth.
WeavingExperienceJan2011 (10)
I am all about texture and my hats are always an inspiration after I made them.  Some people don't realize that I make my hats out of the blue, the ideas come from the ethers and then I usually reverse engineer the pattern, which usually comes out a bit different than the original pattern.  I am going to transform weaving as well, I want to inspire you to play with making fabric.
WeavingExperienceJan2011 (12)
The picture below is a bag that I am working on, I am remaking the bag with the cloth I am making.  The pictures at the beginning of this posting is what I am going to use for the sides of the bags, then I am going to create more cloth for some fun handle coverings for this bag.  What is exciting to me is that I have discovered double strand weaving without reading about it or being taught.  These are the discoveries that I treasure.  This is Crafty Andy in his creative endeavor toward understanding the potential that weaving has for me.  I am in a new Fiber Journey and I will take you along with me.  Thanks for stopping by!
WeavingExperienceJan2011 (3)