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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Looms and Fabric

HomeMadeLoom (14)
Last Friday me and other guys from the Monday Night Knit Group went to a Tapestry Weaving Class at a local JOhn Adams Campus of CCSF. Adult programs for enriching our lives and that of others.  It was interesting and will be a complete semester.  Tapestry weaving is a bit different than weaving with a rigid heddle loom.  Our first assignment or Homework sort of speak , was to make a loom for our class.  We had a choice of copper which was beautiful and very expensive these days, or wood, which was under $ 20.00 in materials.  Here I present you my Tapestry Loom.  Michael helped me in the construction, I gathered the materials and prepared them for assembly.  The class was inspirational and Kyle, John and I were very excited about the class.  We met a lot of people and introduced them to the Stitches West and The Cricket and Flip Looms.  The fabric below was inspired by the class but was and is being made in my Cricket loom.  I am using some of my homespun for the weft along with some bulky Knit Picks Swish, the Warp is hand dyed sock yarn, wool/nylon blend.  It has taken a very interesting look. My plans is to use this fabric to make a bag.  
KobolTextilesJPG (1)
The yarn below is the one that I spun on my Kromski and plied with the Alpaca Cloud  Lace weight from Knit Picks.  I am just starting to see the possibilities of creating very exciting textiles with the loom.Thanks for stopping by.
Kobol140gms245yds (8)