Saturday, October 09, 2010

Reds and Greens and in between

As a Stash Buster I am making this Windchief from  WestKnits aka Stephen West, but I used two yarns that I fused together and overdyed them in greens, but did not like it very much.  Here comes the Black Cherry Kool Aid and Jacquard Dye Cherry.

TauronWindchief (13)
Below is the Start of the Boneyard in my hand, once it is finished I will overdye it with the same recipe and will become burgundy as well.
I used 1/4 teaspoon of Jacquard dye and 2 packs of Black Cherry  Kool Aid per 50 grams to get this beautiful Burgundy below and will be the same recipe I will use to overdye the Boneyard, another Pattern by WestKnits. The shawl is in the works and will be the same color as the hat, I think the Burgundy is delicious, Black Cherry none the less.  Thanks for stopping by!

TauronRedsWindchief (5)

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