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Friday, October 08, 2010

Stash Busters

I am Stash Busting and in the Bust I am making Stephen West Windchief with the colorway I made the other day of overdyed yarn. It is going to look fantastic. I am hoping to make a small triangular herbivore kerchief with the left over yarn. Westknit has a Westknits.com website and a book for the taking. The book will entitled you to a Ravelry download of the book, Wicked isn't it?
Tauron RebelHat (2)
I also frogged the Carlito, I just got bored and it was not fast enough of a project to keep me interested, instead I got this project from Lion Brand that I am already loving. I will make this Cardigan and will have after thought pockets added to it.
CardiganWIPBBack (1)
In my stash busting mood I am working on a In Between Seasons Cap with this fantastic Yarn I was gifted last year. Yep, I am stash busting , gifts, and charity. I am also going to start a Stash Busting with socks soon, as soon as I finished the Cardigan, I may start a vest or two. I do want to make a Vest and a Scarf for XMAS gifts. Anyway have to go and get some physical exercise besides Knitting and crocheting. Which by the way I have two Crochet Projects on the burner as well. Multitasking is great, I also have some spinning cotton that I need to do, but that will have to wait for November . Thanks for stopping by.
IBSCapWIPBand (1)