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Sunday, October 10, 2010


ozarkHandspun (2)
The original yarn, the way it look from the skein before all the transformations.

Out to dry after an overnight overdye job.  For reds and blues, patience is definitely something to cultivate.

In a matter of a day I was able to make this scarf-shawl, what is more amazing is that this pattern is simple.  Stephen West , from www.Westknits.com has made this pattern available for free on his site and on Ravelry.   It is a simple stockinette with simple increases, but you can increase anyway you ant, by pick up a stitch or by Making 1 Stitch left or Right.  A shawl will take about probably 200 or so yards and if you use big needles like US 8 or US 9 you will get a nice size shawl.  I used US 9 and bound off with US 10.5.  MY bind off is very stretchy as I use the bind off from the Herbivore. I was very pleased with the two overdyes I have done with this yarn.  I first overdyed this variegated green yarn with blues and yellows, then with Black Cherry Kool aid And Jacquard Cherry. This is the Burgundy I like and I know that I will wear this ensemble lots of times.  I hope you have a great Sunday, I have some more fun to get into.  Thanks for stopping by!