Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Spinning of the Fabric of Space

Above and below the pictures of this sentence you find cotton spinning, drop spindle above and wheel below. It is not quantum physics, but it is ruled by the laws of nature and thus the laws of physics.  Little did you know there is a science to my madness, Mr. Hawkins taught me well, thank you.  I decided to give it a try on the wheel as I spin very good in thin singles.  Believe it or not cotton is not the best fiber to spin, yet it has a peaceful effect on the soul.  When I am spinning I feel like the world actually stops and I transport into a different dimension where everything is possible.  My hope is to spin cotton in the next three months and then ply it.  I will spin a single on the Drop Spindle and some singles on the wheel.  The one thing I can say about cotton is that you know very fast if it has sound structural integrity , because otherwise it will come apart.  On a drop spindle you need to practice 30 minutes each day to gain skills and memory for you muscles. Yes your muscles start to learn what they need to do to draft the fiber to make the yarn you want.  You have to go without fears and dive into the fiber with all your heart, no expectations but to create something.  I believe spinning is in our gene code memory, your mission is to wake it up and let it express itself.
ViperTrainingCtnlSpin (11)
In the picture below I am trying to create my first fingering light fingering quality singles for plying, so far I am having success.  Should I tell you the secret?   The secret is practice , I have been practicing for an hour , at least an hour, yet  sometimes I have been spinning for  two or three or four, It is magical, there is no hurry, it is poetry in the making, you look at it, you feel it you count for a while, but then you trust the way it feels, then you let it go to the bobbin.  It is magical I tell you, you are creating a living yarn because this yarn will have your energy and enthusiasm.  It's all about fun, lots of fun.

DevilYouKNowAquaGreens (1)

Below you see 125 yards weighting 170grams, It is not very even, but it was fun to make.  The yarn is very soft and I am hoping to make a Tunisian  Crochet Bag with all this yarn that I am making, or maybe gift it away if people really like the yarn.  I bring it to my Monday Night Knit Group to show and tell.  It is about the journey, what's your hurry?
DevilYouKNowBlueGreen170gm125yds (6)
This yarn below is a bit more yardage, is about 182 yards  weighting 180 grams, is a bit thinner than the one above.  At this time in my life and in the learning experience, I am just letting the yarn be, I try to see if I can get something that I want, but in the end the yarn wins, it becomes what it wants to be and I will allow it to find expression through my hands and through the wheel or Drop Spindle. It is poetry in motion then it plies upon itself like a little caterpillar or like we say in" Puertorrican colloquial Spanish "gongoli" .There is more to come, but this is what I have for today, thanks for stopping by.

DevilYouKNowBlueAlgae180gm182yds (1)

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