Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time is the Latest EBook that I have been reading and it is a great read.  Andrew Robinson is the Actor that played the main character in this novel.  Garak is his name, and I thought that it was a very nice possibility that this book was a great success as it is written by someone who knows the character very well.  SO far I am not disappointed.  I am using my Nook, from Barnes & Noble, to read it and I can tell you that the Nook is a great device for me.  I take it everywhere I go and it serves me well. 

ON the other hand I have been doing a lot of spinning for the Stitch In Time in the future, lol.  I have a lot of fiber and I am planning to spin as much as possible  to learn more.  It is amazing how your hands get the aha moment and transmit it to the brain.  The yarn that you see below is the first yarn that I consider  to be "Show Worthy" , well almost, I still need to work more on the twist and the spinning, but there is no hurry.  I find that I can spin while watching a movie at home, it keeps me sharp.  I hope you had a great Labor day weekend and soon I will be departing to the MFKR 2010 at Dumas Bay Center in Washington State.  I am looking forward to the retreat.  The last retreat was not much fun for me due to many reasons, one of them is cleared out of my system lol.  I was taking an anti anxiety medication and let me tell you the tapering off and the getting rid of the remnants of the medication from your body is a pain.   Nonetheless it served its purpose and is no longer needed.  This is Crafty Andy thanks for stopping by!
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