Friday, September 03, 2010

The Battlestar Pegasus Nook

So what do you know, Crafty Andy got a Nook from Barnes & Noble.  For an E-Book reader is fantastic for the price.  One of the benefits is that you can borrow books from the Library and read them on your Nook. I just got the Wi-Fi, I did not see a need to get a 3G version at this time.   Another benefit is that you can read PDF patterns on it, it needs a bit of work, but it is a very nice device. You can name the device, I named mine Triton, what you see is the wallpaper I selected and the screensaver is all in Galactica Theme pictures, very awesome.  I will say that it is a very nice device, easy to use and easy to connect to your home Wi-Fi or anywhere there is a Wi-Fi.  Go to your coffee shop or your favorite Wi-Fi Spot and hook it up to get new books, otherwise you can have in Airplane mode.   The Airplane mode cuts the wireless off and saves you battery life.  I bought a dark Silicon skin from Skque, is not skin tight, but let me tell you is way cool, I like the way it fits and the way it looks and a great price.  Dark will give you a better contrast with the reading , that's a tip.  At night I use my regular night light and I do spend more time reading than I expected to .  I will be working in making my Patterns to work with the Nook.  Will there be a Kindle in my future?  I don't know yet,  I am testing one tomorrow, but for reading this is a wonderful device that I am hoping to treasure for a long time.  Thanks for stopping by.

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