Happy Pride Sunday 2010

Pride2010Brunch (4)
We had Brunch with some friends at Catch.  A cafe that we have never been to.  I have to say that I was very pleased with the outcome of the venue. Here I am with Chuck a very nice friend I met some time ago, through his spouse , John , who is in my Monday Nite knit group.  You see John with my partner Michael in the picture below, there was a secret visitor, we can not divulge his presence.
Pride2010Brunch (5)
My partner Michael who I may say is not a very social fellow, was very happy to meet and chat with the guys.  Sometimes he just gets overwhelmed  and then the outing is kind of over, so is not that he is really anti social, but he is not like me which is always a blessing.  It is nice to have variety in life which adds spark to  everyday situations.  He behaved like a gentleman.  From here we departed from our company and went underground toward the Civic Center for the Pride Day Activities and to see vendors and people.  I enjoy the outing as much as I can , because my partner is not a shopping person, and not one to wander around  aimlessly just browsing, I on the other hand can spend a long time just looking around and doing comparison shopping.
Pride2010 (38)
Some of Our State Representatives and Senators and city government were present, openly Gay individuals that work hard for the LGBT community. We had enough, and after having some Shaved Ice we departed the place cooled and ready for the afternoon nap.
Pride2010 (64)
The place was very busy and it was nice to be able to walk without being overwhelmed by the people. All in all it was a great day, thanks for stopping by!

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