Saturday, June 26, 2010

Agathon Left Front WIP

AgathonLeftFrontWIP (3)
Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy
Actually is the Carlito Cardigan by Matthew Gnany.  I named it The Agathon just to have a BSG themed Item.  It definitely reminds me of Helo, or  Tahmoh Penikett the actor that plays , Helo Agathon.  The pattern may be found here on Ravelry., which by the way is a free pattern, but I bought before it went for free.

The main reason why I like this Cardigan is that it is a cardigan and in the Area of California where I live a Cardigan is always a good choice. I am using the wool-ease blend of Lionbrand in the mushroom colorway, The other reason that I wanted to do this cardigan is that it looks like a very challenging project that will keep me entertained for hours at a time, and it has lol! This is the left Front of the Cardigan and I am ready to start the front panel for my size. I used a bigger needles, because of the swatch for gauge that I made. Yes I was not going to make this Cardigan without a gauge swatch, it will be insane. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday and Happy Pride Sunday everyone. Thanks for stopping by!

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