Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Newland Picons WIP

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy
Life continues and the Newland Picons are the next step into the sock world. I bought this Paca Peds HT yarn a while ago and I wanted to make socks with it. Actually I have about 6 to 7 pairs I am going to get done. I end up going back to my DPNs for socks, I really like them specially these DPNs are fantastic for this kind of work. I am hoping to have these done in less than two weeks, now that I know what to expect from the pattern. I am also working on a redesign of one of my patterns by a friend. I will tell you that it is more hard work. I admire her vision and all the work that it takes from the designer and the person redesigning the pattern layout, her name is Kate from . It is not easy, but definitely a lot of fun. It is like a marriage you know, we have to express our thoguhts and come to an agreement in the middle, lol.


I am working as well on the Herbivore from West Knits.  I am really enjoying this easy pattern that gives you such a complex look of a twisted rib. This guy has a very clever design and I congratulate him on his beautiful wraps and shawls.  I am hoping to purchase the other two shawls/wraps and have some nice warm coverings for the weather here in San Francisco. His Botanical Hat is one of my favorite hats.  If you have not made it yet, you have no idea what a cool hat this is.
goddessscarfwip (2)
 Working as well on my Aurora Scarf as I am inching along the second repetition of the chart.  I am hoping to make 5 or 7 and then block for pictures and stuff.  My vision for this pattern is very nice and I am hoping that when I block the scarf , that the vision comes to life.  Manipulation of stitches is always fun.  Thanks for stopping by!

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