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Pink Truth MSKR 2010 (revisited)

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy 08/11/2013  I had to come back and revisit this post.  What happened to me at the MSKR 2010? What made this experience so bad?  I will tell you everything about what happened, well almost everything.  There was a participant at the retreat that did not want his picture taken.  I asked who this person was so that I could avoid taking his picture, the facilitator refused to tell me who the person was.  There were two occasions in which I tried to take pictures and the facilitator was telling me, as he follow me around, that I could not take the picture , because the individual was in the group I was aiming my camera at.  Mind you that I asked that  if anyone did  not want their picture taken to let me know or to get out of the picture. No one said anything.  I could care less the reason why this person did not want his picture taken, I was going to completely respect that.  What bothered me was that the facilitator was a real dick ,a…

Kobolian Newland

KobolianNewland (31)
Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy This pattern by Marlowe Crawford was given to us at the MSKR 2010. I liked the pattern a lot and I did not like to lose the pattern in the shaping of the arch and instep. Losing that shapin allowed me to expand the pattern on the top after I stopped the shaping at row 47 and continued in stockinette kind of, as there is a pattern for the instep. Still there is a bit of the shaping that shows if you know what Marlowe's Shapes look like. Thanks for stopping by.

MSKR 2010 Video

This is the only video I was able to take and it was very early Thursday Morning .  I wanted to take more videos , but this is it, I am grateful for that.  Thanks for stopping by!

MSKR 2010 Pt1

The MSKR 2010 was held as always at the Easton Mountain Retreat.  This is where most of us were staying. My retreat experience was not the best for me personally, maybe because I found some challenges that were unexpected and my life experience has not prepared me to be able to handle them in a better way.  I did what I normally do, which is I stayed away from people  at night to be able to enjoy the day time with them as I was very upset about many things.  Do not let my personal experience color the retreat, it is personal and that is all I will say.  In the end I believe the experience made us better able to handle future situations.  I am glad I did not leave when I wanted to and that I stayed until the end.  It would have been very awkward, more than it has been.
You will not see as many pictures as you know I would take, because there were some issues about some people not wanting their picture taken.  The main issue was they did not want to speak up either, I was crushed, I coul…

Men Spring Knitting Retreat

I am so glad that I am part of this movement and of continuing the craft with my brothers in needles and hooks.  Yep even though it says is a Men's Knitting retreat with do Crochet and Spin.  If I was going to summarize what I get from these retreats, I will have to say is the fun of being with other guys in a different environment.  We are a vast group of men from all walks of life that enjoy the craft of Knitting , Crocheting and Spinning, even some weaving has sneaked into the place.  I will be teaching two classes, one of them is the Crochet For Knitters, which will be very basic crochet, but as fundamental as the stitches and how to use crochet if you want to in a piece.  The other class is Portuguese Style Knitting using Andrea Wong's Techniques.  Andrea was very kind and donated some yarn and DVDs to the Retreats, Yes there is some for the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat, to be on Dumas Bay Center, for more information visit the Mens Knitting Retreat Website and find ou…

Athena A Goddess' Shawl

The Goddess Shawl is an inspiration from the Goddess Athena, yet all you Goddesses and Gods out there may wear this shawl.  It is a very fast Knit as well and it blocks fantastic, depending on your desire of how big you want this shawl and how detail you want it to look.
I like rectangular shawls a lot, and this kind of gives it  a prayer shawl look, but you can use it for anything that your heart desires, from strolling by the banks of the River, to sitting down by the fireplace in Your house.This is done in Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool with a gauge of 3 stitches an inch on seed stitch unblocked. I like the way it wraps around, so it may be used as a scarf in a more denser version , by folding it upon itself lengthwise. I enjoy sitting to read and keeping my shoulders warm.  Made  for the Goddess Athena, but allowed to be worn by mortal men and women, it will be up for sale on the side bar real soon.Thanks for stopping by.

Goddess Shawl

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy I never thought that lace would be such a fun challenge, yet it was and is. I decided to design this pattern for a Woman's Shawl, the Goddess none the less. It is coming out beautifully and it is thanks to the help of my friend Naomi and her almost infinite patience lol! I did a prior swatch and I blocked it , but I did not like the way it look. Sometimes when you are designing you get into the math and forget the aesthetics and vice versa. I have been able to create a pattern for a woman or a Goddess take your pick or is it the same?

This is the Goddess Shawl and there is a Scarf alongside it, but I have not tested the pattern yet. This Shawl Pattern is fun and has a very creative stitch definition. It is to be blocked lightly, and it comes from few stitches grows up and comes down again to the the start. Anyway this is my newest creation and it is definitely a Shawl that any woman can wear with pride, but don't let my words stop…

Apollo A Man's Shawl

When inspiration strikes you go for the gold, because you don't know when the muses are going to go home.  I present you Apollo A Man's Shawl.  What makes it a Man's Shawl, well nothing really, I made it with a man in mind, a woman may certainly wear it with pride and without hesitation of being discriminated against.  It is Lace after all. One of the particular things that people don't realize in lace is that lace is a reverse craft, kind of.  I make the design to be deformed or blocked , thus when you knit the design it looks very different than when you block it. It may be called a Prayer Shawl I love the way it drapes on 100 % Fisherman's Wool Well Back to my reading, but before I do.  I want to thank Naomi once more for her invaluable help.  I also want to thank my Ravelry Group  and the Men Knitting Retreats for their inspiration.  I want to thank the Muses for their kind visit and while they are here I shall continue to design .  I have two more patterns in min…

Man Shawl Blocking

ManShawlBlocking (5)
Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy So it is done and now is being blocked. One of the things that you need to learn when making a lace project is that the knit up garment is not what you are going to end up with. Therefore when I designed this pattern I was thinking of the end product, after being blocked. This Shawl has some interesting designs that when you block it makes all the sense in the world, A friend asked me why did 'nt I do this or that or follow the same ribbing at the areas where I have the seed stitch. I told my friend that is not what I wanted to do. I did not want to tell her that my designed would have looked different when blocked if I did the garment in the way she suggested, yet if I was going to leave this garment unblocked, I would have followed the suggestion from my friend.  you can see the difference between it being blocked and not  when you compare both these pictures. Thanks for stopping by.

A Man's Shawl

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy So here you have what I call a man's Shawl. I believe this Shawl is going to be perfect when I block it some time tomorrow. I used my Lion Brand Fisherman's wool and I like the texture and the look it is taking. I hope to create a Ladies' Shawl and a Ladies Scarf in the next week or so as well. I am getting ready for the Men SPring Knitting Retreat and very excited.Andrea Wong was very kind and donated some of her DVDs and some yarn to both retreats. I hope you like the picture and I am going back to finish this guy up. Thanks for stopping by.

A ManShawl WIP

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy One of the most difficult things I find on the crafty side of things, is to find men stuff. Women enjoy a lot of designers that cater to them and I am just glad I don't have to deal with the many possibilities that women cronfront every day when it comes to fashion. Men on the other side have a bit less demanding fashion. In the meantime as I work on this new pattern I wanted to show you some of the progress. I am hoping to have it done by Monday let's see if the Gods help me this weekend or the Ambrosia kicks in lol. Thanks for stopping by!

Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off

One of the options to bind off a project is doing it the way Jeny described it.  JSSBO is a wonderful way to give your project a great termination that has some elasticity and is different.  Like Elizabeth Zimmerman would say, it will not make your bind off sleazy, but just loose enough .  A video demonstration from me to also include in my patterns is what you get here and a view of some secret project I am swatching.  Thanks for stopping by!